Size comparison of ear syringe to soda can.



     Earwax is the major cause of hearing loss according to audiologists and doctors. Earwax removal is recomended with this self use ear irrigation syringe. The soda can is for size comparison. This earwax remover feels gentle and refreshing. It lasts for years of use with simple care. This large ear syringe has more water force than other syringes, and still feels very refreshing to use. It's proven safe and effective since 1994. This is the most cost effective alternative to the repeated expense of doctors' visits. This uses the same method as most doctors. You're in control of the syringe force and you can use it whenever you like. This earwax remover only uses warm shower water to clean your ears. No added chemicals or earwax softeners are needed. You use it while you're in the comfort of a warm shower. It provides a steady swift water circulation and allows for unblocked water drainage to prevent any ear pressure build-up. The tip of the ear nozzle can't reach your eardrums. The nozzle tip goes half-way to your eardrums when fully inserted in your ear canal. This large piston syringe removes a lifetime of impacted earwax build-up in minutes. The warm shower water keeps you from getting dizzy besides softening your eawax. Our customers range from teenagers to senior citizens. Use Ear-Clear to hear clear.



     Our customers tell us about their ear situation. They say that hearing aids cause twice the amount of earwax to form, compared to before they had hearing aids. That means that blocking the ear canal causes more earwax. The earwax gets into the hearing aid and sound tube. The sound becomes distorted and it needs cleaning or repair. The hearing aid and sound tube will stay cleaner longer when using this ear syringe. Headphones, ear phones, ear plugs also block the ear canal and they also cause more earwax. Our Ear-Clear syringe is the greatest refreshment your ears can get. First you'll feel your ear canal quickly fill up with warm water and then you feel the swift water circulation. You can feel it's gentle on your eardrums, while it flushes out the earwax.

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