Size comparison of Ear-Clear next to 12 fl. oz. soda can.

This earwax remover has a very effective size, shape and style. It has a special safety ear nozzle. The safety nozzle is molded with med. grade plastic (polypropylene) for precision size (+-.0005") and for durability. The syringe capacity is 6 fluid oz.

The ear nozzle has an auto-safety shape. When you insert the tip in your ear canal, the safety shape stops the nozzle tip half-way to your eardrum. That's the best location for most effective ear irrigation. The tip can't reach your eardrum.

 This is the easy-at-home solution for earwax removal. It's the most effective earwax remover available. The ear syringe feels gentle and refreshing to use. The syringe provides a steady swift circulation of warm shower water. The ear syringe will last for years of use with simple care. This is #1 in safety design features and performance. This nozzle shape prevents any ear pressure build-up caused by blocked water drainage.

Doctors agree that excess earwax is a major cause of hearing loss. This earwax remover removes a lifetime of hard impacted earwax in minutes. The nozzle size and shape provides maximum water flow and unblocked water drainage.

It's best to use this earwax remover while taking a warm shower. This device uses warm shower water only. Its a perfect match. No added chemicals are needed. The warm water circulation prevents dizziness.

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$59.00 + $5.00 s/h  (IN USA ONLY)


 Hearing Aids and Headphones

Hearing aids, headphones, ear phones, cause twice the amount of wax to form, compared to before having hearing aids, etc. This ear syringe lets you hear better and feel cleaner, for longer periods between ear cleaning.




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