Size comparison of Ear-Clear next to 12 fl. oz. soda can.

Earwax Removal In Comfort

Excess earwax is the major cause of hearing loss in adults,
according to doctors and audiologists.

This ear syringe holds more water than other syringes. It
removes a lifetime of impacted earwax in minutes. The safety nozzle size and shape allows maximum water flow
and unblocked drainage from your ear canals. It prevents
ear pressure build up. The safety nozzle tip stops half-way
to your eardrum when fully inserted inserted in your ear
canal. The safety nozzle tip can't reach your eardrum.

You will save time and money on doctors visits. This is
the most cost effective alternative to the repeated cost of doctors visits. This ear syringe is the best for self use
earwax removal. It's safe, effective, gentle, refreshing,
and reuseable. Our customers age is from young adults
to senior citizens.



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Hearing Aids and Headphones

Customers tell us that hearing aids cause twice the amount of earwax to form, compared to before they had
hearing aids. Earwax gets into it and cleaning is needed. Our ear syringe will keep your ear canals cleaner for longer periods. Blocking your ear canals with hearing aids or headphones causes more earwax to form.
Our syringe is the best refreshment your ears can get.



Many People Only Think They Have Clean Ears

You clean yourself daily but your ear canals have years of earwax buildup. You think showering or bathing
flushes it out, but it doesn't. It's stuck to your skin and hair. You try over and over but it won't remove it. If you get a squeeze bulb syringe, you may move it, but not remove it. You need a large syringe as shown above.
 You don't know how a doctor removes earwax. You visit the drugstore and look for products labeled "Earwax
Remover". Then pick one or the other as you enter the ear cleaning world of false hopes and promises. You
expect it to work and not make it worse. Every product you expected to work, fails. We know because our
customers say, "I hope it works", or "I pray it works".




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