People only clean their ears when they have to.

     Many customers ask when their order will arrive. They want it ASAP. They always thought their ears were clean because they used q-tips. It usually takes years for earwax to build-up. Most people don't know that earwax removal by doctors is with a gigantic syringe with a long straight nozzle. It wasn't meant for ear cleaning, it was designed for flushing out other parts of the body. For ear cleaning they fill it with warm water and hydrogen peroxide. Then they put the nozzle tip in your ear canal and inject with steady firm pressure. It feels gentle and refreshing. The water drains into a bowl you're holding on your shoulder. The doctor refills the syringe a few more times and the impacted earwax is flushed out and your hearing returns. However, the doctors syringe has a long straight nozzle and that's not safe for self-use.

 Use Ear-Clear To Hear Clear.

     We've had many customers over the past 24 years (since 1994). Most people have tried all the store products. Some said ear candles work. When we asked why they were ordering Ear-Clear if ear candles worked? They said, "ear candles used to work". Some had ear candles drip hot candle wax in their ears. Ear-Clear removed that candle wax too. Let's consider the squeeze bulb syringe. Our customers said squeeze bulbs worked for years and then said they didn't work anymore. How could this be? It's because squeeze bulbs can only move the earwax out of the way, not remove it. Some bits and pieces come out, but not all the earwax. Over the years, the earwax builds up and the squeeze bulb can't move it anymore. Squeeze bulbs are for children. We can name lots of other products that don't work on adults because they don't have the force or the volume needed.


Many people just think their ears are clean.

      They say "what?" or "huh?" alot. Their TV and radio volume is turned up loud. It's usually when your about 45 years old when your ear canals are plugged with earwax. The past quick-fix methods of moving it out of the way, don't work anymore. You can't move earwax out of the way forever, your ear canals fill up.
      People don't know how the doctor removes earwax. So they visit the drugstore and look for products labeled "Earwax Remover". They pick one or the other. As they enter the ear cleaning world of false hopes and promises. They expect their purchase to work, not to make it worse. Every product they expect to work, fails. We know because our customers say, "I hope it works", or "I pray it works"!


People produce earwax faster with age.

      You clean yourself daily but your ear canals still have years of earwax and dirt. You don't know how to clean them because your eardrums are in there! You think showering and bathing flushes it out, but it doesn't. It just moves it, at best. You do what you can but it's still in there. As the years go by, you know that the earwax builds up. It takes about 1-2 quarts of warm water with a large piston syringe with a safety nozzle to remove a lifetime of earwax build-up from one ear. You need to inject with steady firm pressure to remove it. It feels good.
Ear aches and itching are caused by dirty ears. Earwax has dried blood mixed in it. Parasites live on it. They cause ear aches, itch, otitis, then hearing aids. The use of hearing aids causes twice the amount of earwax to form because your ear canals are blocked by the hearing aid. Then the earwax gets into the hearing aid. People say it starts to whistle when the earwax gets in it.


Ear Itch and Ear Aches from Earwax and Dirt

      The first signs of excess earwax is by getting water trapped in your ear canal, after swimming or showering. Earwax blocks the water from draining out. The water will evaporate or move and drain out most of the time. More signs of excess earwax are swimmers ear (itch) and ear ache from fungus and bacteria. Many doctors and audiologists use a simple anti-fungal & anti-bacterial mixture (50/50) of clear distilled vinegar and rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). The mixture is very effective and quickly promotes an antiseptic environment in the ear canals. For ear aches, doctors say to use the mixture twice during the first day to get relief in 24 hours or less. Mix a fresh solution and shake it well before each time you use it, because the alcohol evaporates quickly. Excess earwax causes dizziness, tinnitis, otitis, and it's the major cause of hearing loss.


You Need A Large Syringe With A Safety Nozzle.

160 mL ear irrigation syringe

     This nozzle tip is the same size as the doctors syringe tip. Just fill this with warm shower water. No chemicals or wax softeners are needed. This device has proven safe, effective, gentle, refreshing and reuseable. Follow the instructions.




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