Our Past and Present Earwax Removers

 Here's our first self use ear irrigation syringe (1994-1997). This device made it all possible. It was an 80mL (c.c.) polyproplene syringe with hand-crafted safety nozzle. It worked great but needed more refills because it was small. This was emptied in 4 seconds. The newer large size syringes empty in 10-11 seconds. This nozzle was fragile if dropped or bent, but there was no other choice. This was the only device available and it wasn't meant to be dropped. This was the first design that solved the problem of self use earwax removal without ear pressure build-up. The nozzle was difficult to make and pass inspection. Two were made to get 1 that would pass inspection. This device was in use before Ear-Clear, Inc. was founded. This style ear nozzle continued to be made on larger syringes until 2008 (14 yrs.).

1st version of safety ear nozzle on syringe. 1994-1996



Next came the Master Blaster, (shown below 1998-2008)- It was a 155mL (c.c.) catheter tipped syringe and hand-crafted safety nozzle. The nozzle was still fragile if dropped or bent but the syringe needed less refills because of its larger size. It held double the water capacity. A customer named it the Master Blaster. This seemed to become a popular name for ten years. But the name Master Blaster would signal the search engines to think it was a weapon. This device was replaced by the one shown below it, with the new ear safety nozzle design.

The "Master Blaster" is syringe earwax remover



Here's where we are today, 23 years later. The Gentle Giant series (below) was made from 2009 to present day. It's a larger 160mL (c.c.) syringe with Luer-Lock tip, and the new very durable ear safety nozzle. It still shouldn't be dropped because the ear nozzle is now the strongest part of the device and the syringe tip water tube is attached to it. The water tube may break if dropped. It took 15 years to make a durable ear nozzle. The device has improved since 1994 in capacity and new durable safety nozzle. The durable ear nozzle was a giant step. The ear nozzle is made with high precision to +-.0005" and each nozzle tip is inspected. It's our safety tip because of its profile. This is the largest safety syringe available today. It's almost 9" long with the nozzle attached. It holds about 6 oz. of water. Use Ear-Clear to hear clear!

The "Gentle Giant II" is an ear wax remover.





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