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       Q. How much warm water is needed to clean ears that are packed full with earwax?
A. Every person differs, removing a lifetime of impacted earwax needs about 5-15 refills per ear.

Q. How will I know when the earwax blockage is removed?
A. You'll feel it come out and you'll hear better.

Q. How often should I clean my ears?
A. After your initial cleaning, use it once a month (1x-2x) or when needed.

Q. Is this device reusable?
A. Yes, it will last for years of use with simple care. Only water, no soap, don't drop, & let dry fully assembled.

Q. Why use warm shower water only?
A. It prevents dizziness and softens your earwax.

Q. Will it remove a bug that crawled in my ear?
A. No. Hold a flashlight towards your ear and the bug will crawl towards the light.

Q. Can I use it if I have narrow ear canals?
A. Yes. Many customers used it and said they had narrow ear canals.



About Us

This device was invented in 1994 by Mr. R. Brock and V. Thomas, M.D. The company was founded in 1999 by Mr. Brock and Dr. Thomas had his medical practice.
The related background interests and experience of Mr. Brock was mechanical design, the need of earwax removal, and meeting Dr. Thomas. Mr. Brock made the device after consulting with Dr. Thomas. Several ear nozzle shapes and sizes were tested. They didn't work because they blocked the water drainage from the ear. After several months the current high volume safety nozzle worked without blocking the water drainage. This safety nozzle provided the maximum water circulation without building up ear pressure. That was needed to remove a lifetime of earwax build-up quickly and in comfort.
Dr. Vernon Thomas had his private medical practice. His knowledge and experience on the subject of earwax removal, made it possible to develop this device. Dr. Thomas was a hand surgeon when he was younger. When he was a senior citizen, he had a walk-in clinic in S. Florida. Among all the care and services he provided, he developed his own successful treatments for chronic pain relief using tissue proliferation. He was the kind of doctor that would use herbs for treatment, whenever possible.


Large self-use ear irrigation syringe.






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